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X-Ray Showing Pain in Ankle

Toe Joint Replacement Surgery – Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA

Joint Arthroplasty or Joint Replacement

Joint Arthroplasty or Joint Replacement Surgery, successfully helps to alleviate pain and to improve function for people who suffer from arthritis; a painful condition that occurs due to breakdown of cartilage within your joint. At Soma Orthopedics we perform toe joint replacement surgeries. The primary goal of this procedure is to lessen the pain, and to retain motion and improve position of the big toe.

Symptoms indicating Joint Replacement Treatment is needed

Joint replacement is done to treat severe first MTP joint arthritis. Some symptoms are pain and loss of motion at the joint between the big toe and the foot. The orthopedic doctor will examine your foot and ankle first and take X-rays to determine the extent of your arthritis. Not all patients who have arthritis need surgery. Many patients could be treated with change in shoe wear, injections and medications. We can also use PRP to reduce pain and increase motion in some patients. Patient who do not get better with any of these conservative treatments will be recommended for surgery. These patients can either have surgery to clean the joint, joint replacement surgery or joint fusion surgery depending on the severity of the condition, age and activity.

Toe Joint Replacement Surgery

Toe joint replacement surgery is done in a hospital or a surgery center and the patient can go home the same day. In this procedure a cut is made near the toe joint and any lumps will be shaven down. Prosthesis is then placed to replace a part or the entire toe joint. Prosthesis placement is considered depending on the situation. The wound is then closed with stitches, a dressing is applied, and a special shoe is placed to help avoid putting full weight on your new toe joint, crutches are given to you to help aid in walking.

Recovery from Toe Joint Replacement Surgery

Even though the joint is initially immobilized, early motion is done to prevent any stiffness. Putting any weight on the foot should be limited for the first few weeks. Foot should be kept elevated as much as possible to reduce swelling. Stitches are removed 10 to 15 days after surgery. You will then wear a hard-soled shoe.

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